Apple Watch the King of Smartwatches
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Apple Watch the King of Smartwatches

Apple announces and releases many products every year, but the iPhone 6 was Apple’s last big thing last September. In the world of technology, it’s been eons. Samsung and HTC both launched flagship Smartphones during this period, but these are fading compared to the craze around the Apple Watch. Announced at the same time as the iPhone 6, the first Apple Watch devices are finally reaching consumers. True, these people received their orders early, if you order now, they will wait a while to get it. It’s certainly popular, but is it the best Smartwatch ever made? Let’s find out!


The Apple Watch is definitely a unique-looking device. In the world of smartwatches, he finds a middle ground that is not exactly square, but by no means Round. It’s gentle on the eyes, but not surprisingly beautiful; it will attract attention, but people won’t stop and look unless they know they’re looking at an Apple Watch.

The unique factor extends to the digital crown, which Apple has decided is essential for Smartwatch navigation. Simply put, you can scroll up and down as if you were using a scroll wheel on a computer mouse so that you can read the information on the small screen without your finger getting in the way. I appreciate the inclusion, because I think it will make navigating the Apple Watch a little easier, especially with text-heavy apps.

What he does

Just as we have seen with Android Wear, The Apple Watch has its own operating system for its own applications, which means that the uses of The Apple Watch are quite numerous. There are a lot of developers who have already created applications specifically for The Apple Watch, and this number will only increase as more join. Twitter, Facebook, Uber and many other first-party apps are now available to keep you up to date with notifications.

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch has a small problem on the software side. Many reviewers note that the software is defective and has problems in performing basic tasks. And although it may be a little annoying, it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for anyone, because Apple will definitely fix the problems with the updates quickly. If you have an iPhone 5, 5c, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus, you can buy The Apple Watch and talk about all the social gatherings you will attend in the near future.

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