Five Fancy Alarm Clocks to Get Up Early
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Five Fancy Alarm Clocks to Get Up Early

It’s hard to wake up early in the morning if you don’t want to. I wake up at 4 a.m. five days a week and it doesn’t matter if I sleep eight or four hours – I still feel slightly dizzy when the alarm clock rings and I open my eyes. Although there is no quick fix to adapt your personality to the schedule of a morning bird, you can have an attractive technique in bed.

1. BSP60 Bluetooth Speaker

For the Android Fan, there is a Sony alarm clock that works with your phone. The tiny sphere of a watch is bluetooth and voice compatible and is equipped with speakers that allow you to bring your music to any room in the house. It also gets fancier: the BSP60 speaker allows you to check the weather, set your alarm clock and let you know when you have a new notification on your phone. Of course, you can do all this only with your phone, but does it have LED lights that change color?

2. Glowdeck

We’ve already introduced you to Glowdeck, and for those who missed it, here it is again! Glowdeck is always your Smartphone’s companion and offers many of the same features as the BSP60 speaker: voice activation control, classic alarm clock settings and Bluetooth function for streaming music. You can order the Glowdeck to call someone from your phone or ask for the weather. What distinguishes the Glowdeck from other fancy digital watches? Wireless powered.

3. Alarm station for iPhone

For minimalists who want less flashy lights and more of a stylish place to power their iPhone, there’s the simple Alarm Dock For iPhone. It doesn’t do anything commendable, but it is a beautiful work of art that looks classic in combination with the digital clock function on the iPhone. This Dock only hosts the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Dock for the iPhone 6 models soon.

4. Click message Clock by Gingko

Here’s one more for Minimalism – this simple alarm clock displays The time, projects the weather and the date and flashes personal messages that you program yourself. This is a piece of wood that reflects the weather, and even if it doesn’t seem like much, it will look great on any bedside table.

5. Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock

It may not connect to your Smartphone, but it is a Mini-replica of Star Trek Enterprise. It projects the time in large red letters, and The alarm is Captain Kirk’s voice calling the deck. If you are a Trekker, I can understand your excitement.

Other than that, this one might be my personal, geeky favorite. I grew up as a Star Trek Fan, and when I was younger I had an older Version of this alarm. When the alarm went off, they heard footsteps running, and then Captain Kirk said, “Landing team at Enterprise, teleport me, Scotty.”followed by the noise of the van… over and over again, until I finally decided to turn around and turn it off. It was probably the most boring and at the same time the best alarm clock I had ever owned. Let’s face it, I’m probably going to buy this for myself too.

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