Winners and Losers of Bills-Rams on Opening Night
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Winners and Losers of Bills-Rams on Opening Night

Absolute domination.

That’s how you could describe the Buffalo Bills’ impressive 31-10 victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Thursday’s NFL season opener.

After a 10-10 draw at the end of the first half, the Bills scored 21-0 in the final two quarters, earning a sure victory over the defending Super Bowl Champions. Since there is a lot to discuss in the game, here are some winners and losers for both teams.:

Winner: Von Miller

The Bills defense dictated this game. Even though their lawbreaker coughed up the ball four times, the solid and reliable defense play against Matthew Stafford and the Rams is commendable. The former RAM Von Miller was at the center of it all. He had two of Buffalo’s seven sacks, including three passes for a loss. It was definitely a quick rematch for the 33-year-old Star.

Loser: Matthew Stafford

After having a solid first half but capable of being better, Stafford fell apart in the second. He finished the game with 240 passing yards on 29 of 41 completions, which doesn’t look bad, but he also had three interceptions and failed to move the ball deeper down the field. Two of those rebounds came in the second half, stopping the Rams’ pace as they tried to keep up with Josh Allen and the Fly Bills.

Winner: Josh Allen

The two interceptions lubricated Allen’s stats, but there was no doubt he was a force to be reckoned with. Whether they threw or carried the ball, the Rams struggled to contain the quarterback who posed a double threat. He finished with 297 passing yards, making 26 of 31 attempts with three touchdowns and two interceptions. His deep passes were accurate and he added a rushing touchdown after running 56 yards on 10 carries. That’s the level Allen has to be at to get Buffalo to the Super Bowl.

Loser: Cam Aykers

Whether it was prolonged issue problems or some other reason, aikers was not up to the task of Thursday’s defeat. After not having Carrie in the first quarter, he only had three the rest of the way – none of them contributed a single yard. Darrell Henderson started the run, but scored only 47 yards for 13 Carrie, and one of them was an 18-yard throw. Not a great start if the Rams hope to be more dynamic this year.

Winner: Stephon diggs vs. Jalen Ramsey

By combining two into one, Stephon diggs becomes the winner, while his rival, Jalen Ramsey, falls into the category of losers. In the action between receiver n ° 1 and cornerback n ° 1 and perhaps the best Corner in the League in Ramsey, diggs took first place. He had eight interceptions for 122 yards and a touchdown that hit the ball from a depth of 53 yards while Ramsey was in the coverage area.

Losers: Rams rude line, Allen Robinson

Not Andrew Whitworth, a lot of problems. The Rams’ rude line just couldn’t keep the Bills lawbreaker from coming home, whether it was a run game or a loss to Stafford. As mentioned, Stafford was sacked seven times for 49 lost yards.

Next is Allen Robinson, who was not very distinguished in his debut with the Rams. After leaving the Chicago Bears on a three-year deal worth million in the offseason, Robinson made just one throw for 12 yards. Cooper Cup, who had 13 throws for 128 yards, will need a lot more help than that as Robinson replaces Odell Beckham option n ° 2 of Stafford.

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